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Alexander Zschocke Senior Manager Aviation Biofuels at Deutsche Lufthansa AG


Dr. Alexander Zschocke is an economist and project manager with more than 25 years of experience in fuel related topics. Since 2011, he has worked for Lufthansa in the field of aviation biofuels. In this role, he managed the operational aspects of the burnFAIR project (first large scale evaluation of bio kerosene, flying an A321 on one engine on bio kerosene for six month) and then was project manager for the HBBA (detailed chemical analysis of how properties of various bio and fossil kerosenes are reflected in the respective blends) and airegEM (measurement of effect on bio kerosene on aircraft emissions) projects. In parallel, he has been chairman of the Flightpath 2020 initiative from 2014 to October 2016, and chairman of the aireg technical working group until October 2018. He has recently been partially se­conded to sup­port the DEMO-SPK project managed by the DBFZ. His fields of expertise include technical and safety aspects of using aviation biofuel, biofuel production processes and economics, fuel certification, aviation biofuel accounting under the ETS, aviation biofuel blending and handling and effects of fuels on aircraft engine emissions. His project back­ground has given him experience in integrating a wide variety of aspects, from feedstock to final use to the related economics and the political aspects.